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A component is a large bench mark within our project that, when completed, will ignite greater impact on the regenerative end-goal.


Through empowerment we determine the most appropriate course for development.



Provide regenerative knowledge in order for implementation performance to be undertaken with ethics and values. 


Five local individuals are gifted a scholarship to learn Holistic Management and Permaculture. They can then be tasked with passing this knowledge to the community and individuals involved while making sure ethics and values are ingrained within the implementation.

The school is a vital component of the project. By funding the development of its infrastructure, or parts of it, we are able to teach the locals and create a positive connection between the needs of the regenerative project and the needs of the community. 

Energy: Acquisition and implementation of solar power system. It will enable access to the internet and to light inside and outside the classrooms. Power for amenities and pumps.

Water: Acquisition and implementation of a water harvesting system for the roof of the school. That will allow access to clean water for hygiene and irrigation of nursery.

Waste Management: Development of toilets and sceptic tank.

Every resource counts towards the end goal of empowering a community to safe guard their sovereignty. 

Donations are funnelled towards our primary goals of gifting local individuals involved with scholarships to acquire the knowledge needed to develop and implement the project. 



On site or remote, any help is welcomed. There are necessities to be filled concerning education, farming, social media, funding, management, construction, etc. Get in touch with us so we can find out how you can start helping. 


We welcome organisations who seek impact investment, turning moral values into actions. With the support of corporations we are able to transcend the local positive impact into the global view. 

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